Program Proposal Process

Share your program interest with the Study Abroad Office: discuss program purpose, the reason for program development interest, and potential details to the extent determined. It does take quite a bit of time to develop a strong program, keep the program proposal deadlines in mind.

The proposing program director along with Study Abroad program development staff will meet with key academic administrators to discuss the potential new program. The meeting may consist of the department head, graduate/undergraduate program director or coordinator of advising, and college liaison. The meeting agenda will include:
  • ideal student population and program size
  • courses offered
  • academic and cultural excursions, service, research or fieldwork components
  • the program location and risk management
  • program duration and dates
  • outreach and recruitment ideas

Early discussions about the program help weigh how the program will integrate into departmental goals and enrollment strategies, determine whether the program’s academic content meets departmental and university standards, identify any potential challenges and how those might be best addressed in the program development and garner support from the department and college more broadly.

The online program proposal includes:
  • Logistical Details
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Draft Syllabi
  • Initial Site Risk Assessment
  • Preliminary Program Budget
  • Letter of Support
  • Program Director Contract



Program Proposal & Renewal Deadlines