Summer Program Management Timeline

Renewing Your Program (July-Sep)

This timeline would be adjusted for spring break or fall/spring short-term programs.

Let your program coordinator know that you intend to renew your program and then complete the renewal application within the application home at the PackAbroad portal.

Familiarize yourself with the renewal deadlines for each term to ensure your program gets off to a smooth start.

Read over the roles and responsibilities of the Program Director, Assistant Program Directors, and Program Assistants. Work with other program personnel to delegate roles and responsibilities.

Make sure your program is ready to start accepting applications by ensuring completion of the items on the program set-up checklist.

Setting a budget for your program is an important task, but can be daunting. Review best practices for program budgeting and University Accounting policies related to managing study abroad group programs.

Accessibility for all students is an important goal of the Study Abroad Office. Prepare to support our diverse population of students at NC State.

Recruitment & App Review (Oct-Feb)

Get started early with recruitment to ensure healthy program enrollments! Review tips and strategies to help you market your program and recruit applicants.

Check out our step-by-step instructions on reviewing student applications, reviewing decision notification dates, and querying applicant data.

Don’t let prospective students miss scholarship or application deadlines!

Paying for study abroad is one of students’ top concerns. Become familiar with student funding resources; students typically pay for their programs with a combination of financial aid, scholarships, and personal funds.

Pre-Departure Preparations (Feb-May)

The health and safety of students is NC State’s highest priority. A safety assessment helps ensure that the University has covered all possible aspects related to program safety to the greatest extent possible.

All faculty or staff assisting with NC State study abroad programs will be enrolled in the UNC System insurance policy for the duration of the time affiliated with the program abroad.

During your pre-departure meeting, you will meet with your Program Coordinator and Budget Specialist to finalize your budget.

Look over our Program Director Handbook for important information you’ll need to manage your program on-site.

Upon Return (Jul-Aug)

To ensure the improvement of group programs year after year, each program coordinator will schedule a meeting with the program leadership upon return to discuss and reflect on the current year’s program and to being planning for the future.

Ensure receipts have been documented appropriately in order to reconcile all expenses. In a program return meeting, your program budget specialist will attend to review the program budget and answer any reconciliation questions, in addition to financial planning for the subsequent year.