Program Assistants

Many faculty directors arrange to have assistants on their programs. The two descriptions below help identify which category an assistant falls into and the possible steps needed to be taken facilitate employment and timely payment.

Assistant Director
This category includes NC State faculty, students, or non-NC State faculty and students. The Assistant Director (AD) typically has specific knowledge or skills (language, expertise in field, etc.) that qualifies them to assist the Director. If, for some reason, the Director is no longer able to serve the group, it is assumed that an Assistant Director would take over the program in the Director’s absence. As a result, an Assistant Director must be formally hired by NC State, be paid through University Payroll on the same schedule as the Faculty Directors, and have a travel advance in his or her own name to cover expenses on-site.

If the Assistant Director is not currently employed by NC State, he or she must be hired by the Study Abroad Office (SAO).

Faculty Directors are asked to inform the SAO at least 8 weeks prior to the start of a program that an Assistant Director will be part of the program to ensure the SAO can hire them, if necessary, and that s/he will have a formal role at NC State prior to departure.  This will also ensure s/he can be paid in a timely manner.

Program Assistant
This category typically includes NC State students (graduates or undergraduates). It is not assumed that they would take over the program in the Director’s absence. Program Assistants do not need to be hired by the Study Abroad Office, therefore no additional paperwork is required to be processed.

Programs may only hire undergraduate students as assistants if they are enrolled as program participants. Assistants are typically compensated in the form of a program cost reduction, or by having their program expenses covered directly by the program.