Preliminary Safety Assessment Instructions

The following is a list of the points that need to be addressed in the Preliminary Safety Assessment that will be submitted with a new program proposal. If the proposal is approved, faculty directors will be asked to submit a more comprehensive assessment prior to departure.

Program Location(s) and Housing
Based on the initial information compiled for a new program proposal, please include details for any safety issues relevant to the proposed study location and living arrangements. The faculty director should confirm that he/she will be housed in the same city as the students for the duration of the program, ideally in close vicinity or within easy traveling distance to the group.

Please list the intended mode of transportation during program travel. In the initial program planning it is important to remember the following policies:

  • Faculty Director Driving Policy: It is a policy of NC State University that faculty directors are not allowed to drive students as part of any program activity.
  • Overnight travel (defined as travel that occurs over the night and into the next day) will not be permitted on NC State programs unless faculty directors clearly document and justify the need and receive prior permission from the Study Abroad Office in writing.

Medical Facilities
Please provide information about medical facilities in the area. Faculty directors are encouraged to utilize the resources provided by GeoBlue.

Faculty Director Contact Information and Backup
The Faculty Director will need to be reachable at all times, either by cell phone or by providing a list of the telephone numbers where you can be reached. Please note the intended form of communication.

Please note: If the program proposal is approved, faculty directors will need to detail in the Comprehensive Safety Assessment who will serve as back-up in case the faculty director is unavailable, or in case a student gets sick and a staff member needs to stay with the group while the other staff member stays with the student. This can be a second faculty director, a responsible student assistant, or an on-site vendor who will be contracted by the program.

Registration with and Location of U.S. Embassy
The Study Abroad Office requires that all programs register their students in the U.S. Smart Traveller Enrollment Program (STEP). Please confirm in the safety assessment that this will be completed prior to departure.  Also, provide US Embassy or Consulate contact information in the safety assessment.

Pre-departure Information
Faculty Directors are required by the Study Abroad Office to hold at least one orientation session before departure, however, we recommend to hold a few so that students have thorough details and appropriate preparation prior to their departure. If only preliminary, please note the information will you provide to your students in advance of the program.

U.S. State Department Country Specific Information
The U.S. Department of State’s Consular Information Program provides detailed country specific safety and security information. Review the information available on the proposed program’s destination and address any concerns in the safety assessment.

Additional Concerns
Please address any additional concerns that might be raised by students, parents, or University Officials.

Sample Initial Safety Assessment

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