NC State and UNCEP Semester/Academic Year Programs: Payment Policy

  • Students on an exchange program pay NC State Tuition to the Cashier’s Office. Students directly enrolling at a university abroad pay tuition to the host university. On all programs, housing options vary by university and students are responsible for both arrangement and payment for accommodation.
  • All students participating on NC State programs are required to purchase UNC System Health Insurance. Please note that NC State student accounts will NOT be billed for this insurance. See payment deadlines.
  • Students receiving financial aid should consult Financial Aid for full details.
  • Any payment received or postmarked after these dates will be assessed a $100 late fee.
  • Students must purchase plane tickets individually. This will often require payment/deposit before Financial Aid disburses, so please plan accordingly.
  • For students directly enrolling, please also contact your host university with any questions on their payment policies.

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