On-Site Re-Budgeting

The Study Abroad Office strongly discourages faculty directors from adjusting the program budget, such as adding excursions, group meals, etc., while the program is in progress.

At times faculty directors may perceive there is a surplus of funds at the time that the program starts and therefore want to use those funds to enhance the program, for example, through additional cultural events. However even after programs depart, vendor payments are still being made, students could withdraw, or other unforeseen circumstances may come up, all of which will effect the amount of funds available in the budget.

A program is limited to the funds that are available in its budget (except in the case of an emergency, after consultation with the SAO).  Adding budget items without a detailed conversation or email exchange with your regional advisor and budget manager could result in expenditures that the SAO will not be able to reimburse.

During the budget meeting prior to departure, the SAO will discuss the specific details including the budget’s bottom line and the amount in the travel advance.  This is the time to make edits and additions to the travel advance if faculty directors feel they will need additional funds available while on-site, and to the overall budget, if possible.

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