NC State Connect, Study Abroad at Home

NC State hopes to welcome all students back to campus in Fall 2021. However, we also recognize there are some current immigration challenges that might delay the arrival of some international students.

NC State international students who are not able to attend in-person courses at NC State can enroll through one of the following opportunities, uniquely designed for NC State students abroad.

Program Options by Student Enrollment Status

Program options vary based on a student's enrollment status at NC State.
ProgramNew, Directly Admitted StudentCurrent student Conditionally Admitted StudentApplication/
Decision Date
NC State Courses OnlineAvailable OptionAvailable OptionOngoing by Course Enrollment ScheduleNC State Academic Advisor
Intensive English Program OnlineAvailable OptionMay
NC State Prague ConnectAvailable OptionMay
NC State Prague ClassicAvailable OptionMay
China: UPP at Zhejiang University*Available OptionAvailable OptionJune
China: UPP at Zhejiang University - IEP*Available OptionJune
TEAN: Semester in Shanghai*Available OptionAvailable OptionAugust
Confirm EnrollmentNecessary (unless deferring enrollment)Necessary (unless deferring enrollment)May 1undergrad-admissions@
Defer to a future termAvailable OptionAvailable OptionAugust 1undergrad-admissions@
*Chinese Nationals Only

For situations in which NC State courses are not possible (e.g., firewall, significant differences in time zones) and if students opt-out of one of the identified NC State programs above, students who complete the following steps will be permitted to transfer credits from an international university in their home country back to NC State. 

  1. Discuss your plans with OIS 
  2. Discuss your plans with your Academic Advisor
  3. Complete all requirements for the Non-NC State: Unaffiliated Programs (Semester) application

International students who remain in the U.S. in fall 2021 and wish to take courses must take NC State courses.