What to Bring

When thinking about what to pack, please remember that space in the residence halls is quite limited. Students may be able to decrease the amount of items they need to bring by contacting their roommate prior to arrival to discuss items to share and by planning on purchasing items after arriving in the U.S.

During orientation, we will take a shopping trip so that students can purchase any items that they need but did not bring to N.C. State. Students should consider the following tips while planning what to bring to the U.S.:

  • Clothing: Students in the U.S. tend to dress quite informally. Jeans, t-shirts, shorts and sweatshirts are all very acceptable to wear around the campus and in class. A more formal outfit may be appropriate for cultural outings or important events, anda good raincoat or umbrella is necessary. A   medium-weight coat for cold weather is necessary, butheavy winter clothing is unnecessary unless  travelling to the mountains or the northern regions of the U.S. during winter and early spring. We also recommend  a pair of flip-flops or shower shoes to wear in the community bathrooms of Alexander and Carroll Halls.
  • Electrical Items: The U.S. uses 110v electrical current. Small electrical items such as hair dryers, electric shavers, and radios are relatively inexpensive in the U.S and can  be purchased  upon arrival. If  bringing a computer or similar electronic device with a power adapter that is certified for 100-240v, it may be possible to purchase a simple plug adapter in the U.S. However, we strongly encourage students  to purchase an adapter or converter before  arrival in the U.S.
  • Linens and Towels: Bed linens, pillows, blankets, and towels are not provided but can be purchased inexpensively in Raleigh. Previous students have suggested bringing a minimum of linens and towels, such as one sheet, one blanket, and one towel, to use for the first days and purchasing other items as needed.
  • Sports and Outdoor Equipment: Students may borrow a variety of equipment, including tennis rackets, basketballs, squash rackets, camping equipment and boating equipment from University Recreation.
  • Medical Items: If carrying any prescription medications be sure they are  labeled and  in their original containers. Make sure  the name on the containers matches the name on the  passport to avoid any difficulty at U.S. customs. Bring a copy of any needed prescriptions using the generic name of the medication. Prescriptions can be filled by the Student Health Center’s pharmacy on campus.