About NC State

Located in Raleigh, North Carolina, North Carolina State University (NC State) offers a great experience for incoming exchange students. The student population of more than 34,000 sets NC State apart as the largest University in North Carolina. NC State features the largest population of international students in all of the North Carolina system schools!

Acclaimed as one of the countries top research universities, NC State is also known for its outstanding athletics program. From Engineering to The Arts, Medieval History to Animal Science, our programs are as diverse as the people who participate in them.

Raleigh offers the best of many worlds. Whether you want to experience life in a big city, or you want an experience that more reflects a small southern town, Raleigh will have something for you. Raleigh is a city big enough for a skyline of skyscrapers, but is also not far away from numerous parks and lakes.

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There is so much to see in the Greater Raleigh area. For those interested in art, Raleigh houses some of the regions best museums – most notably, the North Carolina Museum of Art which is located not too far from NC State’s campus. If you are more interested in sports or entertainment, Raleigh has something for you too. The city is home to the Hurricanes, an NHL hockey team, and the Railhawks, an NASL soccer team.

In Raleigh, there is something for everyone. There are world class museums, open-air amphitheaters, historic sites, professional theater companies, award-winning restaurants, professional sports, and vibrant festivals.

Students can also explore any of the 11 neighboring Raleigh towns. Each has its own story, charming visitors with historic downtowns, tree-lined main streets, concerts in the parks, and one-of-a-kind boutiques.

While attending NC State, many exchange students get to experience the vast array of opportunities that North Carolina has to offer. The university is within two hours of the Atlantic Ocean and within three hours of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The area offers numerous opportunities for hiking, camping, surfing, boating, and various other outdoor activities. Life at NC State features a great balance of academic enrichment, campus social life and recreational opportunities.

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