Course Registration

Incoming exchange students are required to select a primary field of study (may also be referred to as “major” or “curriculum”) during the application process. The primary field of study should be the field in which the majority of courses are taken. Incoming exchange students may take courses outside of their primary field of study, but the majority of coursework should be completed in that primary field of study.

Incoming exchange students will be registered for classes by the Study Abroad Office and the Academic Departments, based on the preferences listed in their application, as well as their primary field of study. Students can review available courses through the Course Search Tool.

*The Biomedical Engineering Department cannot accept exchange students due to the limited availability of their courses.

Course registration opens in November (for Spring applicants) and April (for Fall applicants). Throughout the registration process, we will email each student  to determine alternate selections if the requested sections are unavailable,  if the class is closed, and/or if the prerequisites have not been met.  Each student will then be emailed once the course schedule is complete.

During orientation, all students  will have the opportunity to meet with an academic advisor in the department from  their primary field of study. Academic advisors will discuss academic background and goals with each student, and are also available to assist in schedule changes within a student’s primary field of study.  Adding courses outside the primary field of study may require assistance or permission from the course instructor and/or department.

To maintain proper visa status, students  must maintain enrollment at full-time status throughout the exchange period (at least 12 credit hours for undergraduates, 9 credit hours for graduate students).

Frequently asked questions regarding course registration