First Year Inquiry (FYI) in Prague

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FYI in Prague, hosted at the NC State Prague Institute, is a 2 week program that merges the high impact experiences of a first year inquiry course and study abroad. Students earn 3 GEP credits that count towards their degree before the start of their first semester on campus. Students will be immersed in inquiry-guided learning, utilizing the historic and beautiful city of Prague as their classroom.

  • develop a cohort of friends
  • build strong relationships with faculty
  • gain essential cross-cultural competence

Program Dates

July 30 – August 12, 2017
On Campus Reflection Day: TBD

Track Options

Each of the three themed tracks offered during the FYI in Prague program fulfill a General Education Program (GEP) requirement and are open to all incoming NC State students.

Critical and Creative Decision Making Models

Students will be enrolled in SLC 250
GEP: Interdisciplinary Perspectives,Global Knowledge

[This course], through the use of model implementation and examination, took a select group of NC State freshmen and turned them into thinking machines. By looking at the similarities and differences among decision making models, our class was able to better understand the importance of why each model should be used as well as discover when each model should be used for a given situation. Learning to think critically and creatively also emphasized the importance of reflection upon one’s own past work to determine the best way to improve it. Critical thinking skills can define individuals as leaders and improve teamwork skills in any given situation. The skills gained in this class helped me to grow as a person and attain goals which would have been unattainable by my previous capabilities.

*This track will be taught within the Textiles discipline context, but is open to all students, no matter their intended major

Introduction to Environment and Behavior

Students will be enrolled in LAR 221 (3 credits)
GEP: Humanities, Global Knowledge

*This track will be taught within the Design discipline context, but is open to all students, no matter their intended major


Program Overview

The FYI in Prague program is highly structured and led by two faculty and one staff member from NC State University.

The program starts on-campus with a two day orientation. During these two days, students participate in activities and discussions to develop community, clarify expectations, and introduce the approach to FYI courses.

Students then board a group flight for Prague, Czech Republic. Students spend 10 days in Prague, using the city and the NC State Prague Institute as their classroom. The program utilizes the historical city by visiting numerous museums, national monuments, cultural landmarks, and other significant venues to engage students in their course work-providing first hand experiences that inform critical and creative thinking. While in the Czech Republic, students also take a cultural weekend excursion to Český Krumlov, an UNESCO World Heritage Site.

To conclude the program, students reconvene on campus a week or two after their return to North Carolina for a reflection and debrief. This final day provides the opportunity for students to unpack their experience, encouraging them to reflect on their growth as students, peers, and global citizens.


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