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“There are few experiences that are as transformative to the development of a student as study abroad. A full immersion in another culture heightens ones cultural sensitivities and opens our minds to the complexity of the world. And, if that is not enough, study abroad increases the competitiveness of our students as they seek employment upon graduation.”
– Chancellor Woodson

“If you ask a student what they wish they had done while they were at NC State, the answer is often study abroad. Study abroad conveys quite a bit about you to a prospective employer.  It communicates your independence, flexibility, depth of interests, ability to interact well with others and incorporate their viewpoints more readily. Additionally, participating in study abroad offers you the opportunity to learn about yourself and the world. The self-understanding, global knowledge, confidence, and maturity gained from study abroad will be invaluable as you seek professional experience.” 
– NC State Career Development Center Staff’

“As a global company with operations throughout the world, the Volvo Group strongly values individuals with diverse backgrounds.  Young professionals that have participated in study abroad programs have a unique advantage as they have some familiarity with the challenges that cultural differences may present in both a social or professional setting.   As the world becomes smaller through globalization, this type of international experience highly differentiates these job seekers from those without a global perspective.”
– Mikal Reagan, Volvo Group Global

“International education ignites a passion for understanding other people and their perspectives. That’s one important benefit to working or studying abroad – and it’s essential to success in our increasingly diverse world. Students with international exposure come to understand the value of dialogue between people from different cultures and between people with different points of view. They also gain an understanding of the importance of relationships. Relationships are the foundation for meaning and success in life. They are also the foundation for strong businesses, especially businesses that care about creating mutual benefit.”
– Douglass H. Daft, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, The Coca Cola Company

“Globalization is causing policy and business leaders to call for new competencies to advance U.S. competitiveness, leadership in global markets, scientific innovation, security, and proactively improve international relations… These new realities demonstrate that future workers seeking careers in business, government, health care, law enforcement, and a wide variety of other jobs will all require global knowledge and skills.”
– Michael H. Levine, Progressive Policy Institute

“The practice of engineering has become increasingly interactive globally. Although mathematics and engineering graphics are used for common technical discourse, local cultural and language differences remain issues to be dealt with. A great way for engineering graduates to prepare themselves to deal with this growing phenomenon is to participate in a study abroad program. There is no better way to learn about the culture of a country and its potential impact on your career by living with its people and working in their environment.”
– Dr. Carl Zorowski, NC State College of Engineering
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