While Abroad

It’s important to follow up on these key steps in order to maintain your enrollment status at NC State while abroad.


  • Contact your family and loved ones at home as soon as possible upon arrival.
    (Note for loved ones: this may not be possible immediately upon arrival.)
  • The Study Abroad Office will send monthly email updates while abroad, students should read these carefully and let us know if they have any questions or concerns throughout the study abroad experience.
  • Register with the U.S. Embassy or that of your country of citizenship to receive the latest travel updates and information, including any warnings and alerts (as relevant).

Course Enrollment and Verification:

  • Students must abide by the course registration policies and timeline of the host institution.
  • Any courses that a student enrolls in, which were not previously approved on the student’s course approval form, must be approved as soon as possible by the appropriate college or departmental coordinator (as indicated on the course approval form).
    • Each student should copy their study abroad coordinator/advisor on the approval correspondence.
    • Each student can access a copy of their course approval form by logging into the website and viewing their program application.
    • Students should keep copies of that correspondence as proof of approval for transfer credit upon return to NC State.
  • When course enrollment is finalized, students must submit the enrollment verification form to the NC State Study Abroad Office.

Syllabi: Students should keep copies of all course syllabi in case any further review of course content is necessary for approval for courses to fulfill degree requirements. It is also helpful to save reading lists, exams, and final papers.

Transcripts: Students must arrange for transcripts to be mailed to the Study Abroad Office.

Course registration at NC State for the term following study abroad:  The Study Abroad Office will send an email reminder regarding the course registration timeline for the semester following your return. You will likely also receive correspondence from your academic advisor and/or department. It is your responsibility to work with your academic advisor to release your advising hold while abroad.