PackAbroad Ambassadors

The Study Abroad Office is looking for students who have returned from studying abroad and who are enthusiastic to encourage others to study abroad as well.

Who is a PackAbroad Ambassador

PackAbroad Ambassadors are any students who have studied abroad (summer, semester, academic year, or other short term programs). This group was created for students to connect with each other about their programs abroad and with incoming exchange students, and also spread the word (through events, presentations, marketing, and tableing) to NC State students about studying abroad opportunities.

What do They Do?

Certain groups around campus – classes, student organizations, residence hall programs, athletic teams – want to hear about study abroad from their peers. Enthusiastic, passionate students typically give a 20 minute presentation about the different study abroad opportunities offered at NC State with special emphasis on personal experiences and stories. Modifications can be made to these presentations based on the audience, the student’s experience, or interest in a specific region/country.

PackAbroad Ambassadors will also organize  events for members and also host events for NC State Students. They will work closely with the Study Abroad Office in maintaining social media, chalking, promoting info sessions, and contributing stories for e-billboards and the website.

Why should students become PackAbroad Ambassadors?

PackAbroad Ambassadors will stay connected to their study abroad experience and gain useful presentation skills, marketing, budgeting, event planning and leadership skills while encouraging other NC State students to experience the world through study abroad. They will also be working with other returnees who can relate to them because of their study abroad experience.

How to become a PackAbroad Ambassador:

  1. To be a member or to find out about upcoming events, please click on the link.
  2. Participate in the mandatory membership meetings and training sessions.
  3. Be willing to participate as a volunteer at Study Abroad Fairs, Pre-Departure Orientations, New Student Orientations, and other events that are hosted by the Study Abroad Office. (Please understand that although this is a volunteer position, we are looking for individuals with a commitment to promoting international education)


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