Next Steps

Students will receive electronic notification of acceptance on or soon after the decision date.
Note: all acceptance decisions are contingent upon a review of student conduct (see Eligibility).

  1. Post-Acceptance Required Forms
    Students need to login to the study abroad application system to view decision letters and begin working on post-acceptance materials by the required deadlines. Some materials include a participant agreement, health history, and emergency contact information. For semester students, this may also include an application for the host institution to indicate a formal nomination. Failure to complete these final forms by the deadline may jeopardize participation.
  2. Financial Aid: all students receiving aid must complete the Enrollment Agreement Form (see “special enrollment forms”). See also Disbursement of Financial Aid for more details.
  3. Passports and Visas: students who do not already have a passport should apply immediately!
    1. Everyone is required to have a passport for international travel. Passports should be valid for at least six months after the end of the study abroad program.
  4. Pre-Departure Conference and Program Meetings: Pre-departure conference and individual program meetings cover important logistical issues such as academics abroad, cultural adjustment, packing, flight arrangements, and student life abroad.
    1. Summer and Short-Term Participants:
      1. students will view the online predeparture orientation videos through their application
      2. many faculty directors may require additional meetings
    2. Semester and Year-Long Participants:
      1. students will view the online predeparture orientation videos through their application
      2. students will also participate in the Pre-departure Conference, choosing which sessions are most relevant to their current needs, as well as have an opportunity to meet and ask questions of past program participants and/or exchange students from that school/country
        • this orientation will be held on a weekday in late October/early November for spring students or in April for fall//academic year students. The specific date will be listed in the online application checklist and on Study Abroad Office Dates & Deadlines webpage.
  5. Flight Arrangements
    1. Summer and Short-Term Participants: some students will receive recommended flight details from the faculty director. Students will be individually responsible to purchase their tickets, but should wait to purchase their airfare until after confirmation from the program director.
    2. Semester and Year-Long Participants: students should wait until they have received formal acceptance from the host university and information on orientation details before finalizing flight arrangements.
    3. Though the Study Abroad Office does not endorse any travel agency, here are some agencies students have used in the past to purchase their tickets: Student Universe, STA Travel (check out their Book Now, Pay Later program!), Bee Line Travel, World Travel Service, MTS Travel.
    4. Students are strongly encouraged to consider purchasing trip cancellation/interruption insurance when purchasing their airfare; compare coverages through sites such as or