Scholarship Criteria

Each scholarship has its own focus and weighs criteria differently; for specific scholarship requirements consult the individual scholarship descriptions.  In general, however, most scholarships are awarded on the basis of a combination of some or all of the following criteria:

    • Choice of a program and location that directly complements the student’s academic, personal and/or career goals.  The application should clearly demonstrate the students purpose and perceived benefits.
    • A strong academic record is important for many but not all committees.
    • Choice of a program that enables a student to leave the familiar and thereby grow academically, culturally and personally.  Programs providing experiences that may not be gained at NC State are preferred.  Students are encouraged to go to a country or region in which they have not already lived or studied extensively.
    • Strong communication skills, which indicate an applicant’s ability to serve as an articulate and thoughtful ambassador.
    • Strong financial need as determined by the NCSU Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid. Applicants are highly encouraged to have filled out a FAFSA in order to receive accurate consideration for their financial need.
    • Ability to promote study abroad:  Some committees will give preference to students who demonstrate their commitment and willingness to assist in promoting international education at NC State.

Again, please keep in mind that each selection committee will consider some but not necessarily all of the above criteria.

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