Non-NC State Programs

Non-NC State Affiliate Programs

These providers offer high-quality programs that add diversity to the programs available. Due to our relationship, the providers may offer program discounts or other benefits for NC State students.

In addition to applying directly to the program provider, students must complete the relevant Non-NC State program application for NC State study abroad approval.

NC State students may study abroad through any program sponsored by a U.S. accredited institution, accredited third-party provider, or direct enrollment at an accredited institution overseas. Programs vary, and you will need to contact individual program sponsors for specifics. To apply for a Non-NC State program you should be sure to do all the following steps:
  • Submit application materials to the Non-NC State program provider. This could involve going to the provider’s website and submitting an application online and paying an application fee to the program provider. Programs vary, and you will need to contact individual program sponsors for specifics
  • Additionally, to have your participation approved, remain enrolled at NC State during your time abroad, and facilitate your credit transfer, you must complete a Non-NC State program application for our office. You can select the appropriate Non-NC State program application and click the “Apply Now” button on the program specific page. If your provider isn’t listed then you can select the general Non-NC State application.

Students who complete our application are eligible to apply for Financial Aid and scholarships from the Study Abroad Office.

All transcripts for non-NC State Programs should be sent directly to the Study Abroad Office

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