Study Abroad for Physics


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NC State in Australia: University of Adelaide

Hong Kong: Hong Kong Polytechnic University

South Africa: Stellenbosch University

Sweden: Lund University

United Arab Emirates: American University of Sharjah

United Kingdom: University of Manchester

United Kingdom: University of Surrey


NC State Prague
Located in a medieval building in the heart of the city, the Prague study abroad experience offers a chance to spend time in one of Europe’s most beautiful cities. Many courses fulfill general education requirements: Humanities, Interdisciplinary Perspectives, and Natural Sciences.

Germany: RWTH Aachen Uni: Undergrad Research
UROP offers undergraduate students the unique chance to conduct their own research project early in their academic career. Students are mentored by research staff at RWTH Aachen University. The program length is 10 weeks and includes a two week German language course and an introduction to German culture and research. All communication is conducted in English.

Japan: NanoJapan International Research (Summer)
While in Japan, students are placed on an International Research Team in a Japanese research lab with an English-speaking Japanese research mentor. The program is just over 11 weeks in length. The first three weeks of the program are dedicated to an intensive orientation in Tokyo. No prior Japanese is required. All communication is conducted in English.

United Kingdom: London General Studies (Summer)
This five week program is a great way to fulfill six general education course requirements in a foreign setting while participating in cultural excursions and with various sites of interest throughout the city of London.