Study Abroad for Marine, Earth, & Atmospheric Sciences


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NC State in Australia: University of Adelaide

Australia: University of Western Australia

Australia: University of Wollongong

Ecuador/Galapagos: Universidad San Francisco de Quito

Fiji: University of the South Pacific

Hong Kong: Chinese University of Hong Kong

South Africa: University of Cape Town

Sweden: Lund University

UAE: American University of Sharjah

United Kingdom: University of Manchester


Australia or New Zealand: Sustaining Human Culture & Natural Environments (Summer)
Discover natural history of parks, beaches & fjords with a focus on natural resources, protected areas, and sustainability. Reflect on challenges of protecting and conserving fragile environments while sustaining human societies. Credit: PRT 449, PRT 450.

Bahamas: Biological Sciences on Andros Island (Summer)
Explore the biodiversity of the Bahamas while learning the science and policy of conservation biology through research.Credit: BIO 495 & FW 495.

Canada/Sweden: Sustainable Use of Natural Resources (Summer)
This Forestry program will focus on a wide range of topics such as timber management, energy (wood, solar, wind, oil, gas), municipal waste management, and much more. Participants earn NR 350 for 3 credits.

China: Plant Resources, Ecology & Culture (Summer)
Study intensive language through the lens of technology. Excursions to aqueduct and textiles factories. Prerequisite: FLS 201 or equivalent. Credit: FLS 212, FLS 295/395.

Costa Rica: Exploring Crop and Turfgrass Production in the Tropics (Spring Break)
Learn about local agricultural practices, agri-tourism, and sustainable ways of life in Costa Rica. Participants will gain hands-on research practices and practical experience. Credit: CS 492 or CS 495/590.

Namibia: African Ecology & Conservation (Summer)
Study wildlife management with field biologists amongst the spectacular desert landscape. Students participate in field excursions, small group investigations, and discussions with conservationists. Credit: 4 credits for FW465.