Study Abroad for Environmental Sciences


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Australia: University of Western Australia

Australia: University of Wollongong

Ecuador: Universidad San Francisco de Quito

Germany: Universitat Stuttgart

Hong Kong: Hong Kong Polytechnic University

South Africa: Stellenbosch University

Spain: Universidad Politecnica de Valencia

Sweden: Lund University

United Kingdom: University of Leeds


Australia/New Zealand: Sustaining Human Culture & Natural Environments (Summer)
Discover natural history of parks, beaches & fjords with a focus on natural resourcesand sustainablity. Reflect on challenges of protecting and conserving fragile environments while sustaining human societies. Credit: PRT 449, PRT 450.

Costa Rica: Exploring Crop and Turfgrass Production in the Tropics (Spring Break)
Learn about local agricultural practices, agri-tourism, and sustainable ways of life in Costa Rica. Participants will gain hands-on research practices and practical experience. Credit: CS 492 or CS 495/590.

France: Sports, Tourism & Cross-Cultural Management (Summer)
Experience the impact that tourism, sports, and event management has on the cultural aspects of the French Riviera. Will run again in 2018. Credit: 6 credits for PRT 491.

United Kingdom: Global Sports Management (Spring Break)
Explore the impact of global sporting in the UK through site visits to arenas such as the Ethidad Stadium and National Cycling Center. Credit: 3 credits for PRT 491.