Study Abroad for College of Engineering


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Australia: University of Wollongong

Australia: Monash University

Hong Kong: Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Namibia: Wildlife Aerial Observatory

Poland: Global STEM Semester

South Africa: University of Cape Town

Sweden: Lund University

United Kingdom: Swansea University

United Kingdom: University of Manchester


Australia: International Summer Research & Training in Sydney (Summer)
Perform cutting edge research related to Materials for Energy Storage and Transduction while becoming a part of the international materials research community through this 10-week program in one of the largest energy supplier in the world. Not for credit.

China: Engineering, STS and International Relations (Summer)
Also based in beautiful Hangzhou, participants enroll in two of the following course options for six credits. Credit: MAE 214, STS 490 Geographies of Energy, PS 231, or FL 295 Elementary Chinese.

Czech Republic: NC State Prague
NC State Prague offers a chance to spend time in one of Europe’s most beautiful cities. Many courses fulfill GEP requirements: Humanities, IDP, & Natural Sciences.

NC State Prague: Civil and Construction Engineering (Summer)
Experience Czech culture and engaging with Czech companies through site visits and tours. The institute has numerous GEP course offerings to choose from as well.

Spain: Language, Technology & Culture in Segovia (Summer)
Utilize Segovia to explore Spanish language, technology and culture through classes, excursion to aqueduct and textiles factories, and home stays. Prerequisite: FLS 201 or equivalent. Credit: FLS 212, FLS 295/395.

United Kingdom: STEM and Liberal Studies in London (Summer)
This five week program is a great way to fulfill six general education course requirements in a foreign setting while participating in cultural excursions and with various sites of interest throughout the city of London. Credit: Up to 6 credits, including ISE 311 and ENG 331.