Study Abroad for Biological Sciences




NC State in Australia: University of Adelaide

Australia: University of Wollongong

Denmark: University of Copenhagen

Ecuador: Universidad San Francisco de Quito

Hong Kong: Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Ireland: University College Cork

South Africa: University of Cape Town

Sweden: Lund University

United Kingdom: University of Leeds

United Kingdom: University of Surrey


Bahamas: Biological Sciences on Andros Island (Summer)
Students earn six credits while gaining an introduction to conservation biology with emphases on policy and science and visiting ecotourism sites, marine blue holes, and more. Credit: BIO 495 & FW 495.

Belize: Global Health & Physiology (Summer)
Explore disease physiology, current medical research, tropical medicine, and global health issues with a first hand look through a 10-day medical service trip to Belize. Prerequisite: BIO 212/250. Credit: 6 credits for GPH 425.

China: Plant Resources, Ecology & Culture (Summer)
Gain skills in field botany and knowledge of wetland and lake ecology, plant biodiversity and it’s uses in China. Enhanced by cross-cultural exchange in beautiful Zhejiang and the Yellow Mountains. This program runs every other year on odd years. Credit: 3 credits for PB 495 or 595.

Costa Rica: Exploring Crop and Turfgrass Production in the Tropics (Summer)
Learn about local agricultural practices, agri-tourism, and sustainable ways of life in Costa Rica. Participants will gain hands-on research practices and practical experience. Credit: CS 492 or CS 495/590.

Namibia: Ecology & Conservation (Summer)
Study wildlife management with field biologists amongst the spectacular desert landscape. Students participate in field excursions, small group investigations, and discussions with conservationists. Credit: 4 credits for FW465.

Poland: Biotechnology & Society (Summer)
Learn about agriculture, animal science, and biotechnology through excursions and site visits. Excursions and field trips to sites and cities in Poland are included. Credit: Up to 6 credits in ALS 495, BIT 466, BCH 220.

South Africa: Water Woes, People, Parks, & Pollution
Kruger National Park is one of the largest conservation areas in the world and a place for progressive management strategies for biodiversity conservation. Credit: 6 credits, options include NR495/495, ET495, ADN492/593, LAR582.