Choosing a Study Abroad Program

Consider these items to help narrow down the options. Make a list of priorities before looking at all the options.

Academic and Professional

  • See our programs recommended by major or use the “field of study” parameter when searching for programs.
  • What kind of classes are ideal to take abroad: major, minor, or general education courses?
    • Students should review their degree audit to determine the type of courses ideal to take abroad and how planned courses abroad will fulfill degree requirements.
    • Discuss plans for study abroad with an academic advisor.
    • Meet with the departmental coordinator to determine how study abroad courses will transfer and to complete the course approval form (required for semester study abroad and non-NC State programs).
  • Student populations on programs vary and may consist of all NC State students and other Americans, primarily international students, or mainly local students from the host country.
  • Most foreign language programs require level 202 in the respective language.
  • The majority of programs offer courses in English – even in non-traditional locations like South Africa, Hong Kong, Sweden, Turkey, the Czech Republic.
  • Some regions may be particularly appealing to a future employer, depending on the field.


  • Is there a region or country of interest?
  • Consider location: small town, university community, or big city?
  • Warm or colder climate preferences?
  • Note if the host country is under a U.S. Department of State travel warning:
    • Travel Warnings: Students wishing to study abroad in a location with a current Travel Warning must petition the Study Abroad Office for special approval. Students must meet with their study abroad advisor to discuss their intended plans and initiate the petition process.
  • Housing: dormitory, apartment, with a host family, with other Americans roommates or with host country student roommates?

Remember to consider program cost and resources for Funding Study Abroad when making a program selection.