Diversity Resources

The Study Abroad Office is committed to fostering a safe and inclusive environment for all students and to encouraging a diverse student population to study abroad. As a sign of our commitment, NC State is a proud member of Diversity Abroad, which provides many resources for our students.

By going abroad, students may find themselves in unfamiliar, challenging, and thought-provoking situations. Attitudes and perceptions of diversity issues will vary from country to country and may be very different than those in the U.S. It is important to research the host culture to learn about common perceptions, social and historical viewpoints, tolerance, and to identify available support systems. Here are some resources that may be helpful as NC State students plan and prepare for study abroad.

Race & Ethnicity

Just like life in the United States, students may encounter some discrimination on their travels. For some students, it may be the first time in the position of being in the minority or in an underrepresented ethnic group.

Religion, Spirituality and Faith

Gender Roles and Women Abroad


Students with Special Needs
Students with special needs study abroad. If you have special needs and are planning to study abroad, please contact both the Study Abroad Office and the Disability Services Office to schedule meetings with an advisor or counselor as soon as possible for assistance and advice about participation on a study abroad program. Though accessibility and accommodations for people with disabilities vary from country to country, many accommodations can be negotiated on a case-by-case basis, especially if those accommodations are disclosed early.

Adult and non-Traditional Aged Students Abroad

Diversity Issues in Study Abroad: a collection of detailed reflections from Brown University students regarding various diversity issues they experienced abroad