Study Abroad for Computer Science



Australia: University of Adelaide

Australia: Monash University

Ecuador: Universidad San Francisco de Quito

Hong Kong: Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Ireland: University College Cork

Namibia: Wildlife Aerial Observatory

South Africa: University of Cape Town

Spain: Universidad Politecnica de Valencia

Sweden: Lund University

Taiwan: National Taiwan University

United Kingdom: University of Manchester


Australia: International Summer Research & Training in Sydney (Summer)
Perform cutting edge research related to Materials for Energy Storage and Transduction. This 10-week program in one of the largest energy supplier in
the world. Not for credit.

China: Engineering, STS and International Relations (Summer)
Also based in beautiful Hangzhou, participants enroll in two of the following course options for six credits. Credit: MAE 214, STS 490 Geographies of Energy, PS 231, or FL 295 Elementary Chinese.

Czech Republic: NC State Prague
NC State Prague offers a chance to spend time in one of Europe’s most beautiful cities. Many courses fulfill general education requirements: Humanities, Interdisciplinary Perspectives, & Natural Sciences.

Spain: Language, Technology & Culture in Segovia (Summer)
Utilize Segovia to explore Spanish language, technology and culture through classes, excursion to aqueduct and textiles factories, and home stays. Prerequisite: FLS 201 or equivalent. Credit: FLS 212, FLS 295/395.

United Kingdom: STEM and Liberal Studies in London (Summer)
This five week program is a great way to fulfill six general education course requirements in a foreign setting while participating in cultural excursions and with various sites of interest throughout the city of London. Credit: Up to 6 credits, options include: ARS 251, ENG 331, ISE 311, and SOC 204.