Study Abroad for Biochemistry


NC State in Australia: University of Adelaide

Denmark: University of Copenhagen

Ireland: University College Cork

Poland STEM Program 

South Africa: University of Cape Town

South Korea: Seoul National University

United Kingdom: University of Leeds

United Kingdom: Swansea University


Australia or New Zealand: Sustaining Culture & Environment (Summer)
Discover natural history of parks, beaches & fjords with a focus on natural resources, protected areas, and sustainability. Reflect on challenges of protecting and conserving fragile environments while sustaining human societies. Credit: PRT 449, PRT 450.

China: Plant Resources, Ecology & Culture (Summer)
Gain skills in field botany and knowledge of wetland and lake ecology, plant biodiversity and it’s uses in China. Enhanced by cross-cultural exchange in beautiful Zhejiang and the Yellow Mountains. This program runs every other year on odd years. Credit: 3 credits for PB 495 or 595.

Costa Rica: Exploring Crop and Turfgrass Production in the Tropics (Summer)
Learn about local agricultural practices, agri-tourism, and sustainable ways of life in Costa Rica. Participants will gain hands-on research practices and practical experience. Credit: CS 492 or CS 495/590.

Ireland/United Kingdom: Global Food Systems and Sustainable Agriculture (Spring Break)
Explore a diverse selection of farms, crop production, environmental research centers, and cultural heritage sites including the Tower of London, Stonehenge, and many more. Credit: ALS 494 or AGI 194.

Mexico: Sustainability in Emerging Countries
Experience and understand the diversity of food production in Oaxaca, Mexico, while interacting with local scientists, farmers, and students. Credit: HS 495

Poland: Biotechnology & Society (Summer)
Learn about agriculture, animal science, and biotechnology through excursions and site visits. Excursions and field trips to sites and cities in Poland are included. Credit: Up to 6 credits in ALS 495, BIT 466, BCH 220.