Course Registration

Participants on NC State faculty-led summer and short term programs* are responsible for registering into the course(s) associated with their specific program. Registration for study abroad courses will coincide with students’ on-campus registration window.

Instructions for Study Abroad Course Registration – NC State faculty-led programs only 

  1. Confirm program requirements, and identify course(s) offered for your specific program.
  2. Search for selected courses using the MyPack course search function and guidelines below:
    1. WINTER and SPRING programs: Select the Spring term when searching for a course. All winter and spring term study abroad courses, regardless of program dates, are associated with this term.
    2. SUMMER programs: Select the Summer session (Session I or II) indicated next to your program. Courses associated with programs starting before June 23rd are part of session I. Courses associated with programs starting on or after June 23rd are part of session II.
  3. Locate and register for courses that are both associated with your specific program AND have a designated section number between 501-599 (e.g. FLS 101-501, FW 221-511, or ENG 331-504). All study abroad courses are associated with a 501-599 section number.

NOTE: Registration errors that may prevent enrollment:

  1. Credit Hour Limit Hold – Registration for more than 7 hours will result in this restriction. Overload permission for additional summer I or summer II courses requires approval from your academic advisor.
  2. Late Pre-Pay Hold – Contact the University Cashier’s Office to remove.
  3. Advising Hold – Contact your academic advisor to remove.
  4. PreRequisite Error – Consult with your academic advisor and program director.

Contact for any registration issues that remain unresolved.

Additional Instructions for Non-NC State Student Participants

As part of the study abroad application process each non-NC State student also applied to become a Non-Degree Seeking (NDS) student. Upon completion of this process students should receive an email with information that allows them to access NC State’s MyPack Student Portal, including a new email address that ends in as well as a password. Use these credentials to log into MyPack and register for the courses associated with the appropriate NC State Study Abroad program.

Further instructions on navigating the MyPack enrollment tool can be found here.

Note: You are not enrolled for the classes in your Shopping Cart!

* Student Teaching Abroad participants will be registered by the Study Abroad Office.