Program Selection Criteria

The Study Abroad Office will use the following criteria when reviewing and approving new program proposals.

  • Application is complete in its entirety by the proposal deadline.
  • Faculty director is willing to collaborate with Study Abroad on the development and management of the study abroad program, and.
  • Program contributes to the diversity of international opportunities for NC State students, including a diversity of academic disciplines and locations.
    • new programs should complement, rather than compete with, existing NC State programs
    • proposed location will help develop programs in a region identified as a strategic priority by Study Abroad, in collaboration with Office of Global Engagement and academic units, to build and sustain strategic internationalization of NC State
  • Preference will be given to longer programs, and to programs that demonstrate high impact learning experiences.
    • While shorter programs will continue to be supported when especially well matched to a particular discipline, in general, programs of four or more weeks will be given priority.
  • Program is structured to ensure the integration of the host country and/or region’s culture into the educational experience. There are strong connections between courses and the site.
  • Proposed program provides students with ample structured opportunities to interact with individuals or groups in the host culture, including advance preparation, guided reflection and critical analysis of that interaction.
    • Examples include:
      • direct interaction with local students
      • strong connections between courses and in-country activities
      • participation in service-learning projects or internships, research which enhances knowledge of the host culture or involves collaboration with local students and faculty
      • substantial immersion of students into the host culture
  • Both the coursework and the program locations are expected to attract a large amount of student interest.
    • Programs that anticipate attracting 50 or more students may be given priority. (This is not necessarily intended to be the program enrollment size, but will ensure a healthy applicant pool.)
    • Programs that will offer two or more courses will be given priority.
  • Faculty director or assistant has the necessary proficiency in the foreign language of the host country, if relevant, or has identified an effective strategy to meet communication needs.
  • Proposed program is likely to be financially and academically sustainable and is intended to be offered annually or on a regular basis.
  • Prospective faculty director can articulate the role of the faculty director.
  • Department head clearly supports the program proposal and is confident that the faculty member has the necessary experience, competence, and time to run a study abroad program.

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