Faculty-Led Study Abroad Program Development

Faculty are urged to consult with the Study Abroad Office as soon as they know they may want to develop a new program. For new programs, planning is generally a two-year process. A great deal of effort goes into developing strong academic international experiences, and the amount of time needed should not be underestimated.

For example, a proposal for a summer program departing in May 2019 should ideally be researched during summer and fall of 2017 and submitted for approval by the proposal deadline date in May 2018. The Faculty Director would then gather any additional necessary program details over summer 2018 and work with the Study Abroad Office to create a program flyer, program brochure webpage, and application in time for the Study Abroad Fair in September/October.

See the program proposal deadlines page for specific dates.

Faculty-led and group study abroad programs meet the following criteria:

  • are taught outside the United States and its territories
  • involve an NC State faculty member (including adjunct) or staff member either as instructor or on-site program coordinator
  • involve groups of students going to the same location for the same time period (where a group is three or more students; note there are minimum enrollments for programs financially administered by Study Abroad)
  • offer courses or are part of a course for which students could earn NC State credit
    • the entire course may take place abroad, or
    • an on-campus course may contain an embedded overseas component as a complement to the campus.
  • typically offer off-model courses, which are self-supporting and do not involve regular tuition payments
  • are sponsored or supported by NC State University

It is not necessary to submit a new program proposal for international activity in which:

  • no academic credit is earned
  • no NC State faculty or staff member is accompanying any portion of the program
  • students take courses overseas individually, not in a group
  • Examples include semester-length exchanges, independent study abroad or credit-bearing internships in which the faculty member does not accompany the student overseas

The Study Abroad Office offers faculty-led programs of different durations:

  • Summer Programs generally last over 21 days.
  • Short-Term Programs generally last 14 days or less, whether that program is during winter break, spring break or during the summer.
  • Semester or Year Programs last either a full semester or an academic year.

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