Program Administration Timeline

The following is a guide for faculty directors to use in planning for Faculty-Led Study Abroad Programs:

18-24 months prior • 15-18 months prior • 13 months prior • 9-12 months prior • 7-8 months prior • 3-6 months prior • 3 months prior • 2 months prior • 1 month prior • 2 weeks prior • Upon arrival • While abroad • Post-Program: 20 days upon return • Post-Program: 1-2 months upon return

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18-24 months prior

Meetings with Department Head
Prospective faculty directors should meet with department head to discuss interest in leading a study abroad program, preliminary program ideas and course(s) intended to be taught on the prospective program.  Review Steps to Follow to Propose a New Study Abroad Program.


15-18 months prior

New Program Proposals Interest Meetings with Study Abroad Office
All prospective faculty directors must meet with a Study Abroad Office advisor to discuss ideas and new program proposal process. Please submit the Faculty Interest Form to set up an initial meeting with the appropriate advisor. 


13 months prior

New Program Proposals are Due
 New program proposals are generally due one year prior to when they are intended to be offered. Please consult the program proposal deadlines page for details.


9 – 12 months prior

In consultation with the faculty director, the SAO will finalize the program budget to determine program price.

The SAO will create program webpages and online applications for new programs, and will update program webpages that have renewed for the following year. 


7 – 8 months prior

Study Abroad Fair – generally early October
Marketing season begins with the Study Abroad Fair.  The fair is an ideal opportunity for faculty directors to market the program to students. The SAO will send all faculty directors an invitation to confirm participation in this prime recruitment event.

The SAO encourages program directors to use some of the marketing tips to help recruit students to the program.

Student Applications Go Live
Students may begin to apply for study abroad programs. Faculty Directors can log into the SAO website to monitor the students who have started an online application for programs.


3-6 months prior

Continue to Recruit Students!
Students are applying for programs throughout the year.  Active recruitment by faculty directors is essential to programs meeting their target enrollment numbers. Faculty Directors should contact the SAO if additional program flyers are needed. The SAO will be happy to provide additional copies to all directors, as needed.

International Education Week
One week each November has been designated International Education Week by the federal Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs. This week is an ideal time for faculty directors to market programs at the numerous international functions that will be be held across campus throughout the week. Students often want to discuss study abroad program opportunities with their families over the semester break, so information sessions prior to break are often helpful.

Program Logistics & Vendors
Faculty Director working with vendors overseas are encouraged to finalize the on-site program details with regards to housing contracts, classroom space, excursions, group meals, on-site transportation needs (rented bus, train passes, etc.), as well as flight arrangements, if program participants are encouraged to fly together on specific flights.


3 months prior

Program Application Deadline for Students
Application deadline for students applying for summer programs, fall semester programs, and for the academic year is generally in early to mid-February.

After the deadline day, faculty directors are asked to review applicants within one week of the application deadline. Recommendations to accept, reject, or waitlist applicants students are submitted by faculty directors via the Study Abroad online application system. Applicants are notified by the SAO of the decision two weeks after the application deadline.

Faculty Director Training Opportunities
The SAO will host a New Faculty Director Finance Training intended to help new Faculty Directors become knowledgeable on the financial procedures and policies involved in running a study abroad program. The SAO also welcomes returning faculty who would like to learn more, have questions about the financial responsibilities of a faculty director, or want to share tips with new program directors.

Faculty Director Workshops
Every spring the SAO hosts a themed workshop to help Faculty Directors with a particular issue related to leading groups of students abroad. These sessions are offered to ensure that faculty directors are prepared to assist students while abroad.

Vendor Payments
Faculty Directors begin requesting invoices from overseas vendors, which should be sent to the SAO for payment. The SAO will need an invoice and refund/cancellation policy in order to pay vendors. Invoices usually need to be paid one to four months prior to departure. Once the SAO receives the invoice, it takes between 4 to 6 weeks to completely process the payment request and for the vendor to receive funds.

Please refer to the Finance Guide within the Faculty Director Handbook and helpful information about Program Finances.


2 months prior

Budget meetings
The Study Abroad Office will schedule a budget meeting to ensure all faculty directors have an opportunity to ask questions about program administration prior to departure. During the meeting the SAO staff will review the program budget, travel advance, and other accounting-related matters, as well as any unique program budget needs.

Summer program pre-departure orientation
The Study Abroad Office provides a pre-departure orientation for all students participating on summer study abroad programs. The SAO staff will review general information for the first hour and the second hour is dedicated to program specific group meetings. Faculty directors are encouraged to use this hour to meet with program students to discuss specific program-related information.


1 month prior

Program payment deadline for students.


2 weeks prior

Travel advance packet pick-up
Approximately one week prior to your departure, a Study Abroad staff member will contact each faculty director to pick up the travel advance and additional program forms.  Faculty Directors must submit emergency contact and trip itinerary information to the SAO before the travel packets can be released.

Travel packets will be available to pick up in the SAO.  In addition to the travel advance, the packets will include important information to help faculty directors while on-site.


Upon arrival

Check in with the Study Abroad Office to confirm safe arrival.
As soon as practical, please email your regional advisor to confirm your safe arrival, and that of the student group.

Often the Study Abroad Office is contacted when a parent hasn’t yet heard from their student.  The SAO can confirm safe arrival if we have received confirmation from faculty directors that the students have arrived.


While abroad

Consult with the SAO if problems or questions arise.  The SAO is available 24 hours/day to assist with emergencies.

Review faculty director responsibilities while abroad for more details.


Post-Program: 20 days upon return

Faculty Directors must submit the prepared receipts from program expenses to the Study Abroad Office.  The SAO will then review and reconcile the receipts, submit them to Travel Accounting for a final review and approval, and complete the Travel Advance process.


Post-Program: 1-2 months upon return

Return Meetings
Upon return, each faculty director and Study Abroad regional advisor should meet to debrief about the program, discuss any program-related issues that may need to be addressed, review the program’s final budget, and discuss plans for renewal.

Program Renewals Due
Applications to renew your study abroad program are generally due shortly upon return from your program.  (See the program proposal deadlines page for details.)  The SAO encourages all faculty directors to discuss with their regional advisor early on whether the director intends to run the program in the following year so that renewal process can be initiated.