Curriculum Integration

Curriculum integration is a national effort in study abroad to increase student access to degree-relevant study abroad experiences through partnerships with academic units on-campus. The widely accepted model and one used by NC State was created by the University of Minnesota.

Advising Resources by Discipline
NC State major or college-specific resources and mapping major course pre-approvals for study abroad have been and continue to be developed with NC State faculty to highlight the best-fit study abroad programs for students based on academic discipline as a result of this initiative.

Partner with Study Abroad:

  • Advising: Talk to students about study abroad and its benefits. In addition to the personal benefits, how will it enhance their degree? How will it enhance their intended career?
    • Be familiar with one or two study abroad programs that are good for your students. After sharing a highlight, direct students to the Study Abroad Office for the details.
    • Help us to distribute study abroad major specific resources; we’re happy to provide hard copy materials for your convenience.
  • Teaching: PackAbroad Ambassadors are available to present information on study abroad opportunities to classes or student group meetings on campus throughout the year – invite a PackAbroad Ambassador today!
  • Connecting Curriculum:
    • Help us to keep the major specific resources up to date. If an advising resources does not yet exist for your students, contact us and we would love to develop one.
    • Invite us to a faculty meeting for dialogue on integrating study abroad into the curriculum. Course pre-approvals will be added to the transfer credit database.
  • Funding: Resources are available to support study abroad – study abroad is affordable at NC State.

Julia Kisner Law
Associate Director for Curriculum Integration