Advising for Study Abroad

Students need the support and assistance of their academic advisors in order to study abroad. The Study Abroad Office appreciates the immense support and encouragement that NC State faculty and advisors provide for students considering study abroad.

Academic Advising for Study Abroad

  1. Many students will need and value encouragement from their academic advisor to consider study abroad. We encourage all academic advisors to ask their students if they’ve considered study abroad during their advising sessions. (See also Why Study Abroad)
  2. If students intend to study abroad, advisors should encourage those students to visit our website or come to a Study Abroad 101 session a year prior to when they hope to study abroad.
  3. Most students will need the help of their advisor to review their degree audit, identify a time to study abroad, and to identify which courses might be ideal/possible to take abroad, especially if they are interested in a semester experience. (Major Specific Resources can be a good starting point narrow program options!)
  4. Upon return, many students will benefit from assistance from their advisor to process how study abroad has impacted them – it can be a transformative, yet challenging experience that continues to affect them upon return. Advisors can support students by asking some targeted questions to help students reflect upon their experience and by providing a listening ear. (see also Returning Home)
    1. Tell me one highlight of your academic experience abroad – tell me something you learned?
    2. Was there anything that really surprised you about living abroad?
    3. What did you think of your classes when you studied abroad?
    4. Do things feel different now that you’ve returned back to campus?
    5. How do you feel about your continued studies and career plan now that you’ve returned?
    6. What’s something you wish you would have done differently?
    7. Do you have any advice for other _____ majors who are considering study abroad?
  5. Returned study abroad students may also be interested in the Global Perspectives Certificate.

Resources for Study Abroad