Faculty Director Compensation

If the Study Abroad Office (SAO) manages a program’s budget, NC State faculty on 9-month contracts who serve as study abroad program faculty directors will receive a salary from the SAO through NC State Payroll. The salary is built into the program budget, following salary guidelines approved by the Study Abroad Advisory Board.

EPA Supplemental Pay Request
In order to receive compensation, an EPA Supplemental Pay Request form must be submitted. The SAO will provide faculty directors with this form at the pre-departure budget meeting.  It should be signed by the faculty director and taken to the FD’s department for approval before being returned to the SAO for processing.

Salary Payment Schedule
Faculty Directors will be paid the first half of their salary the month in which their program begins. The second half will be paid in the month that the program receipts are reconciled and submitted to University Accounting, or on the next payroll, whichever comes first.

Please note that the payroll cutoff date is around the 12th of every month; after this cutoff all payroll actions roll over into the next month. For example, if a faculty director submits program receipts to the SAO on July 14th, they are processed and turned in to Accounting on July 21, and the payroll cutoff in July was the 13th, FDs will receive the second half of their salary in the August paycheck. Faculty directors are encouraged to consult with the regional advisor or SAO finance manager if there are questions about how this will apply to them.

All program salaries must be paid through University Payroll and must include “fringe benefits.” These are mandatory deductions from pay, such as state and federal tax withholdings, and any voluntary withholdings. Such withholdings vary by employee but typically include: federal health insurance, OASDI (Old Age, Survivors and Disability Insurance; i.e. Social Security), State Retirement, TIAA Retirement Annuity, and an Optional Retirement Plan. These withholdings have an employee and an employer contribution. The SAO, as temporary employer for a faculty member leading a study abroad program, is responsible for paying the employer contribution, thus this amount is built into the overall program budget. As the employee, the faculty director’s portion of the fringe benefits will be deducted from the gross salary amount, as they would be from the regular NC State salary.

Delayed Salary for Late Receipts
Late submission of receipts to Travel Accounting damages the SAO’s relationship with Accounting and jeopardizes the ability and ease with which travel advance requests can be processed for the SAO. In response to late submission of program receipts, the SAO has implemented a policy of delayed salary. In any year that receipts are submitted late, the faculty director will receive a written reminder of the SAO’s policy regarding receipts with the expectation that receipts will be timely in the subsequent year. If receipts are submitted late again the subsequent year, no salary will be processed until after receipts are received and reconciled by the SAO, and submitted to Travel Accounting.

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