Peer Advisors

The Peer Advising team is a volunteer organization comprised of recently returned study abroad students who share their expertise and experiences with students who come in for walk-in advising hours. The Peer Advisor program allows students to work on their mentoring and leadership skills while encouraging interested students to engage in a study abroad experience.

What do They Do?

The advisors give the “student perspective” on what it’s like to take classes in another country. Peer Advisors have the option of advising their fellow students every Friday in the Study Abroad Office during our walk-in hours, or they can participate in our drop-in hours that happen once a week in various locations on campus. Typical questions you might get as a Peer Advisor might be anything from “How did you get around without a car?” to “how did you pay for it?” Serving as a Peer Advisor allows study abroad alumni to stay connected to their overseas experiences, build their resumes, and gives them access to student conferences like the NCAIE Student Global Leadership Conference.

How to become a Peer Advisor:

  1. Complete an application to be considered for the advising team. Applications are now open for the 2019-20 academic year and will be due Monday, October 28th!
  2. Complete an interview as part of the application process. Interviews will be held Wednesday, Oct. 30 – Wednesday, Nov. 6th.
  3. Once selected, advisors must complete a mandatory training workshop on Friday, November 8th as well as 3 shadowing sessions.
  4. Must complete at least one advising session (a session is 2 hours) each week during the spring term as well as attend the team meetings held once a month.

Amanda Gantz, Study Abroad Advisor,