Chancellor’s Scholarships

Chancellor’s scholarships are the premiere awards extended by the Study Abroad Office. At $2,500 each, these are the largest single scholarships given to students and as a result they are extremely competitive. Chancellor’s recipients represent a diverse group of students that seek to study abroad and to then help other students follow in their footsteps.

Chancellor’s Scholarship FAQ

Chancellor’s Scholarship Winners for 2014-2015:

Carol Welsh– College of Engineering. Spain: Language, Technology, and Culture in Segovia
Arnasha Jones– Poole College of Management. Spain: Marketing and Language in Sevilla
Catrina Rateb- College of Engineering. France: French Language and Culture in Lille and Paris
Claudia Mejivar– College of Textiles. Australia: Sustaining Human Societies and the Natural Environment in South Queensland
Becky Zhong- College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. Costa Rica: Exploring Crop and Turfgrass Production in the Tropics
Maverick Starkey– College of Engineering. Massey University (Palmerston North)
Lily Chan– Poole College of Management. Germany: Accounting, Finance, and the EU
Jenny Choi– College of Education. Spain: Language and Culture in Valencia
Jim Lor- College of Sciences. Bahamas: Biological Science on Andros Island
Jonathan Kim– College of Humanities and Social Sciences. China: Student Teaching Abroad
Londun Isler– College of Humanities and Social Sciences. Peru: Spanish Language & Peruvian Culture
Matthew Torres– College of Sciences. Yonsei University
Austin Wrenn– College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. Italy and Croatia: International Agribusiness
Nadeen Abdelhamid– College of Textiles. Italy: History and Italian Studies in Florence
Nashea Williams– College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. Costa Rica: Exploring Crop and Turfgrass Production in the Tropics
Rebecca Nishida– College of Natural Resources. South Africa: Water Woes, People, Parks, and Pollution
Sehdia Mansaray– College of Humanities and Social Sciences. Guatemala: Ethnographic Field School
Steven Thornton– College of Engineering. University of Adelaide
Stephen Malcolm– College of Engineering. United Kingdom: Engineers in London


What criteria are considered when selecting Chancellor’s recipients?

The Study Abroad Office Chancellor’s Scholarship Committee looks at several underrepresented categories when choosing from applicants. These are financial need, major, ethnicity, gender, and first generation students. Preference is given to students that have not studied abroad previously. Highlighted individual factors may change based on the current study abroad population but none will disqualify a student. For example, males are currently underrepresented in study abroad and are thus a group actively sought for Chancellor’s awards. However, the majority of awards still go to female candidates. The single most important factor in the success of an application is the essay section written by students.

Are there restrictions on applying to the Chancellor’s scholarship?

There are no restrictions beyond the general scholarship requirements. Students must be studying abroad on a credit-bearing program during the applicable scholarship cycle. Scholarship applications can be started here.

What are the requirements for Chancellor’s award winners?

Recipients must attend a short training session given by our office and then participate in a combination of volunteer work and outreach to groups that underrepresented in study abroad. They must also attend the annual Chancellors Scholarship Reception which usually takes place during the spring semester.

Are there any additional perks to being a Chancellor’s award winner?

Some recipients will be invited by our office to participate in special events as a representative of all study abroad students. For example, a recipient was recently invited to speak at a reception before an NC State home basketball game. This included VIP passes and a free ticket. Additional opportunities for speaking and networking may be available depending on the needs of our office.