First-Generation College Student

Feb 13, 2019

Meet D’Andre Johnson

Program and Location: Summer, Italy: Ethics and Law; Piacenza, Italy Major/Minor: Business Administration Why did you choose to study abroad? I chose to study abroad so I could travel to new places that my family has not been able to […]

Feb 1, 2019

Meet Allona Wilkerson

Program and Location: Spring, NC State Prague Classic Spring; Prague, Czech Republic Major/Minor: Graphic Design Why did you choose to study abroad? Studying abroad is required by the College of Design. I knew this coming into my program, and became […]

Jan 23, 2019

Meet Heaven Davis

Program and Location: Summer, FYI in Prague; Prague, Czech Republic Major/Minor: Paper Science & Engineering and Chemical Engineering Why did you choose to study abroad? Ever since I was younger I always dreamed of having the opportunity to travel both […]

Jan 11, 2019

Meet Alston Willard

Program and Location: Summer,¬†Belgium: Environmental Science and Engineering Study Abroad; Leuven, Belgium Major/Minor: Biological and Agricultural Engineering conc. Ecological Engineering Why did you choose to study abroad? I thought I didn’t have time to Study Abroad because I was already […]

Jan 11, 2019

Meet Zipporiah Bush

Program and Location: Spring, Nagoya University; Nagoya, Japan Major/Minor: Biology-IPN & Japanese Why did you choose to study abroad? I had been wanting to go to Japan since my freshman year of high school. Initially, my interest in Japanese culture […]

Dec 20, 2018

Meet Bryan Munoz

Program and Location: Summer, Germany: Accounting and Finance; Reutlingen, Germany Major/Minor: Business Administration- Finance Concentration Why did you choose to study abroad? I wanted to spend my summer doing something fun, but also beneficial toward my academic goals. Once I […]

Dec 20, 2018

Meet Cat Duble

Program and Location: Summer, ISA Abroad; Valencia, Spain Major/Minor: Business Administration- HR, Interpersonal Communication Focus Why did you choose to study abroad? To enhance my International business skills and to learn more about other cultures. What did you learn about […]

Dec 20, 2018

Meet Brooke Caldwell

Program and Location: Spring, Universidad de las Americas Puebla; Puebla, Mexico Major/Minor: Political Science and Sociology Why did you choose to study abroad? After spending a year in the Alexander Residence Hall (an international dormitory), I decided to study abroad […]

Nov 2, 2018

Meet Lexi Barton

Program and Location: Summer, Sport, Tourism and Cross-Cultural Management; Nice, France Why did you choose to study abroad?¬† I knew it was one of the things I absolutely had to do in college. From the time I learned about it […]

Aug 10, 2018

Meet Jessica Anna Perez

Program and Location: Summer, History, Environment and Culture in Havana; Havana, Cuba Why did you choose to study abroad? For my degree and to gain international experience using Spanish What did you learn about yourself? That I’m adaptable and open […]