Additional pre-departure sessions

In addition to the required pre-departure videos in PackAbroad and the other synchronous sessions offered, the Study Abroad Office has created more pre-departure videos on a variety of topics to further support students. Feel free to check them out below and explore the resources covered!

Have questions after watching these videos? Contact your Regional Coordinator.

International Travel 101

Many students are unsure of what to bring, how to prepare, and what to expect when traveling abroad. This session addresses issues such as what to pack, how to get through an airport, important documents to take, how to obtain foreign currency, etc. The content and resources are ideal for new travelers and serves as an important refresher for more seasoned travelers. 

Pre-Departure Checklist Slides

Saving Money While Abroad

This session covers the practical aspects of cutting costs while abroad. Topics covered include budgeting, exchange rates, using cash vs. cards, avoiding scams, getting cheaper flights, and much more! 

Study Abroad Budget Calculator

Identity & Culture Abroad

Have you thought to your identity and how it relates to your study abroad experience? In this session, you will begin to discover how to immerse your whole self in a different culture with consideration to your intersectional identities. Hear from students who have experienced it first hand, and who will share tips and resources on exploring your identities and those you interact with abroad.

Identity-based resources Global Diversity Advocates

Resources for LGBTQIA+ Student Travelers

This 9-minute session provides an overview of key resources and considerations for LGBTQIA+ study abroad students and allies. 

LGBTQIA+ resources GLBT Center

Cultural Adjustment & Self Care

Living in another country can be very exciting but it can also bring out emotions that you did not expect. The stages of culture shock are highly common in most travelers. This presentation will discuss the stages of culture shock, physical, and mental well-being best practices.

Slides Counseling Center Mental health wellness abroad checklist Learn about your host country’s culture