Additional Insurance Coverage

The Study Abroad Office recommends insurance be purchased for:

  1. Additional coverage beyond program dates, if extending stay
    • The Study Abroad Office offers up to 30 days of additional before and/or after coverage extension to students and faculty who are already eligible for coverage through one of the Study Abroad programs.
    • Once students and faculty have received confirmation from HTH Worldwide via email that they have been enrolled in health insurance, they then will be eligible to purchase additional coverage through the HTH website. Please see instructions on enrolling in additional coverage.
  2. Dependents
    • Dependents of participating students and faculty are eligible for HTH insurance coverage.
    • Students or faculty should complete the Insurance Enrollment Form for each dependent.
    • In order to process coverage for dependents, the Study Abroad Office strongly encourages individuals to submit the Insurance Enrollment Form to the office at least 2 weeks prior to the intended travel dates. Requests made less than 2 weeks in advance may experience a delay in processing and availability of insurance card. 
  3. Trip cancellation
    • In the event of program cancellation or student withdrawal due to any reason trip cancellation insurance coverage may be a good choice. Trip cancellation insurance can easily be found by doing an internet search for “trip cancellation insurance.”

Questions: All questions regarding insurance coverage should be directed to Allison Whaley.