Additional Insurance Options

  • GeoBlue health insurance coverage beyond program dates
    • Program participants are eligible to purchase up to 30 days of additional pre and/or post-program coverage through the GeoBlue website. Please see page 14 in the UNC Student Member Guide for instructions on enrolling in additional coverage.
      1. Visit the Resource Center on, scroll down to find the “Students” section.
      2. Enroll in the school or organization’s group plan.
      3. Enter the group access code “AEJ-609″ and select “new”.
      4. From the Self-Enrollment page, enter the requested personal enrollment information (you will need to re-enter some personal information despite your previous program enrollment) and pay via credit card.
      5. Note: you will need to do a separate action for pre-program coverage and post-program coverage.
  • GeoBlue health insurance coverage for dependents
    • Dependents of participating students and faculty are eligible for GeoBlue insurance coverage.
    • In order to process coverage for dependents, students/faculty should contact their program coordinator or advisor to make arrangements.
  • Trip cancellation
    • Students are strongly encouraged to consider purchasing trip cancellation/interruption insurance, in the event of program cancellation or student withdrawal due to any reason when purchasing their airfare; compare coverages through sites such as or

Questions: All questions regarding insurance coverage should be directed to Rebekkah Speller.