Academic Advising for International Exchange Students

Our office coordinates with academic departments to assign our international exchange students an academic advisor during their time at NC State. We understand the value and importance of academic advising for our students and ask you to consider some unique needs.

Learn about our Exchange Program

Every semester, exchange students from all over the world join us on campus. They take courses with NC State professors, live on campus, and become involved on campus. Read more about the specifics of our program by saving a copy of our Fact Sheet.

Adjusting to the U.S. Academic System

International students are often surprised by the amount of homework and exams throughout the semester. Many of them are accustomed to having a reading list and a final exam, with no monitoring of progress through the term. During the advising appointment, we encourage advisors to discuss general expectations, as well as anything specific to the department.

Registration Process for Exchange Students

Course registration for international exchange students is different and the Study Abroad Office works closely with academic departments to get students enrolled in appropriate courses.

  • Exchange students are coded in the system as non-degree seeking students, rather than a class (such as junior).
  • Students select NC State courses in consultation with their home university to ensure that credits will transfer back to their degree.
  • Though the Study Abroad Office completed the initial class registration, students will receive instructions to use MyPack Portal. Students will have access to this prior to arrival.
See the Student Instructions for Course Registration

Special Course Requirements Based on Immigration Regulations

Undergraduate exchange students must be registered for 12 credit hours, and graduate students must be registered for at least 9 credit hours. For ALL STUDENTS, at least 50% of their classes and credit hours must be in the curriculum of study listed on their visa paperwork. Finally, the students must be making satisfactory academic progress throughout the semester.

Advisors who notice that an international exchange student is struggling, academically or otherwise, should inform the Study Abroad Office. We often hear that a student is struggling towards the end of the semester when it may be too late for us to assist them.