Kim Priebe

Kim joined the office in fall 2005.  As Director, Kim leads the team of regional advisors and operations staff in the management of study abroad programs and services. She also coordinates faculty-led programs from the Colleges of Education and Veterinary Medicine, and the Graduate School.

Kim has degrees in Spanish and psychology. Prior to coming to NC State she spent several years as a Study Abroad Advisor at UNC-Chapel Hill.  Her interest in languages and different cultures, as well as her desire to travel, led her to study abroad as an undergraduate in Spain, and later in Costa Rica. She has traveled extensively throughout western Europe and Costa Rica, and has visited Botswana and Chile, as well.  Studying abroad not only changed her perspective on the world and who she was, it also inspired her to work in the field of international education to help other students have similar life-changing experiences while studying abroad!   

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