PackAbroad Ambassador Rachel Finn: Valentine’s in Venice

When you think of a romantic language or culture, Italian culture is often what comes to mind. While studying abroad in Italy, there were so many things to do and see that alluded to the romantic lifestyle that Italy offers. When Valentine’s Day came around, my roommates and I set out to find the perfect way to embrace it. Having only been in Italy for a few weeks at that time, we decided to go explore one of the most famous cities in Italy, Venice.

From the beautiful street canals to the singing gondoliers, the city of Venice screams romance and love, especially on February 14th. On that day I experienced love in a new way, I fell in love with a country and the feeling of exploring new places. Strolling up and down the alleyways, seeing St. Mark’s Basilica, and walking Piazza San Marco were some of the highlights of my Valentine’s Day in 2020. 

Of course we had to take a gondola ride while in Venice, and I can say it was a Top 10 experience. Seeing the fish, smelling the water, and breathing in the Venetian air gave me a taste of what Venice has to offer. Talking to the gondolier was a great way to see the city and learn what life is like there.

Spending Valentine’s Day in Venice taught me how to fall in love with a city and the excitement of learning.