Interview with Jai Jackson

Describe your post-graduate international experience(s) or program(s).

As a graduate student pursuing my master’s degree I had the opportunity to study abroad in the United Kingdom. During my study abroad, I studied at different institutions throughout England, Scotland, and Wales. I studied the culture, community, and education systems.

Additionally, during my doctorate I studied abroad over two summers in Chilé and lived in Concepcion and Santiago. Both programs focused on educational disparities, culture, and politics. During those stays I participated in home-stays with local families.

How did you find out about this program or opportunity?

I learned of my study abroad opportunity through direct emails, faculty announcements, and my major professors led the trip.

What are some highlights of your experience abroad?

The cultural immersion and engagement was amazing. Being able to live with a family and learn history, values, and culture from a first-hand experience was amazing. The food and skiing the Andes mountains was great as well.

What advice do you have for NC State students considering going abroad after graduation?

The best opportunity to have to study abroad is right after graduation. Take time to explore the world and learn about the cultures, communities, and how big the world can truly be. Enjoy the adventure and live life.

How did you bring your “whole self” to your international experience(s)?

In studying abroad I had to work with my identity and the perceptions from the communities I lived in. I studied in countries that had issues with race and colorism.

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