Apply for Summer 2015 Study Abroad before February 15!

photo 3Applications for summer 2015 are being accepted on a rolling basis until the program fills or until February 15, 2015. Leatha Pettress (pictured) studied in Lake Atitlan, Guatemala this past summer where she continued her education as a Social Work major. We recently caught up with Leatha to see what she’s been up too and hear about her experiences while studying in Central America!





Personally, what was your unique learning opportunity studying abroad and how did it connect to your studies?
I studied abroad this past summer in Guatemala through the Department of Social Work. There are social injustices everywhere, and as a future social worker, traveling to a third-world country gave me the opportunity to assess the needs outside of the United States. It was very enriching to witness the everyday lives and struggles of those in Guatemala.
Did you gain unique experiences that might help to benefit your career?
While abroad, I had the opportunity of taking one-on-one Spanish classes. As a part of the program, the classes were for two weeks, four hours a day. This was definitely beneficial, as a future social worker! I was recently reminded that knowing Spanish and being bilingual makes one more marketable for jobs. I need to brush up on it, but I definitely know more Spanish than I did before going abroad.
What kind of advice would you give to other students who are thinking about studying abroad?
If you are thinking about studying abroad, do it! Why not? There is so much knowledge and experience that can be gained–while taking college courses! Studying abroad is one of the best decisions that I have made during my college career. If I could do it again, I would.