Announcing the 2014 Photo Contest Winners!

2014 Photo Contest Winner - Feature Story (Landscape)

Congratulations to Dalton Langdon, Jessica Baskett, and Caridad Aguilar on winning the 2014 Study Abroad Photo Contest! It was an intense competition with over 150 submissions. These three winning photos embodied what we believe the Study Abroad experience is all about.


Dalton Langdon – Quito, Ecuador (Universidad de San Francisco de Quito)

Langdon, Dalton-Quito,Ecuador-Univ.deSanFrancisco-de-Quito

“Of all the natural wonders of Ecuador, to me, Quilotoa is the most beautiful. With waters a deep azure blue, its hard not to immediately fall in love with this natural wonder. On a calm day its reflective waters mirror that of the lazy clouds floating overhead, creating a truly spectacular view. For me, Quilotoa was a place of serenity, beauty and adventure. Creating the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of the crowded capital, Quito.” Dalton Langdon


Jessica Baskett – Queenstown, New Zealand (University of Sydney)

Baskett, Jessica

“Sydney was my home for five months. I took this photo near the end of my semester as I was faced with the idea of having to leave this city that had become home. It amazed me how I could still find this city so incredibly beautiful even after the novelty of it had worn off. Being able to live somewhere long enough for it to become familiar, to actually become a part of their world, not just a tourist, is such a different and rewarding way to travel. I love the idea of having many different homes all over the world, and that feeling of ‘home’ is what I feel every time I look at this photo.” Jessica Baskett

People & Culture 

Caridad Aguilar – Havana, Cuba (Cuba: History, Environment, and Culture)

Aguilar, Caridad_Havana, Cuba_Cuba Summer

“Taking this photo really brought out the everyday culture of Cuba. We didn’t have to go far to find people dancing or unique performances going on. This performance was literally happening 2 or 3 streets down from where we were staying; it was exciting to see and know that we didn’t have to go searching for culture; it came to us! Embracing and seeing the people and culture during this program was very important to me because there are many myths and misconceptions about Cuba and witnessing the culture first-hand only broadened what I learned in class even more!” Caridad Aguilar

Thank you to all who participated. This year’s Study Abroad Photo Contest was a great success!