Getting Involved Globally

There are many ways to be involved globally while on campus at NC State!

Pack Abroad Ambassadors: Is a new student organization for any study abroad returnees. This is a great opportunity for study abroad returnees to connect with others who have studied abroad and who would like to share their experience to other NC State Students about their experience. Members of Pack Abroad Ambassadors give presentations, table at colleges and information sessions, create and plan events, and do so much more. All students who have studied abroad are encouraged to become members!

Program Ambassadors: Encourage and help other students who want to study abroad! By allowing the Study Abroad Office to post returnee student names and email addresses on our website, prospective students interested can contact returnees to learn more about student life abroad. There is no formal commitment required for returnee students who agree to be an ambassador, just an opportunity to share personal experiences from study abroad! Contact the Peer Presenter Coordinator at for more information.

Study Abroad Fair:  The Study Abroad Office hosts a Study Abroad Fair each fall in hopes of attracting more students to study abroad. We invite representatives from our partner universities, faculty directors from our summer programs, and students who have returned from studying abroad. We will contact all returned study abroad students prior to the fair with a call for volunteers.

Orientation:  The Study Abroad Office coordinates orientations throughout the year for outgoing NC State study abroad students and incoming international exchange students. The pre-departure orientations for outgoing students offer great opportunities for returned students to help students who are planning to go abroad. Our on-campus orientations for incoming exchange students are a great way to meet international students from NC State partner universities from all over the world.  We will contact all returned study abroad students prior to each orientation with a call for volunteers.

Global Perspectives Certificate: The GPC program helps students continue their international engagement back on campus, in the local community, and in their studies. The GPC is a great way to highlight international involvement to future employers and to provide guided reflection on how international engagement can continue after a study abroad experience.

North Carolina Reentry Conference: Go Beyond Abroad: designed to bring study abroad students together to share benefits and common challenges from study abroad. We hope to see many NC State students there!

  • Sharing your study abroad story
  • intercultural communication
  • culture shock
  • job search, interviews and resumes
  • international work and opportunities
  • working in international education

International Friendship Program:  Be matched with an international student for the year for the purpose of a cross-cultural friendship. Get together once a month for coffee or a movie, and maintain regular contact throughout the year. Application and orientation are required.

International Cultural Leadership Project (ICLP)The ICLP connects NC State students to international students from the SKEMA Business School in France as well as students from GTI partner schools in Brazil, China, and Taiwan. NC State student volunteers play an important and fun role in helping new and visiting international students integrate into the Wolfpack community.

English Conversation Club: American student volunteers are needed to help international students practice English and learn American slang and idioms. No need to sign up – just come! The group meets weekly.

Global Village:  Residents from across the world come to reside at the Global Village. Students who live in the Global Village are interested in living and interacting with people from different backgrounds, experiences, countries and viewpoints. The community’s focus is one of global awareness, understanding and experience. The Global Village has two unique locations on Central Campus: Alexander Hall and Carroll Hall.