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Students must prepare a synthesizing project which answers the following questions about what they’ve learned through the Global Perspectives Certificate requirements.

  1. How do the international experiences you have gained while pursuing the Global Perspectives Certificate complement and enhance your academic program (major/minor and other course work) and campus life (living/learning villages, clubs and student organizations, volunteer work)?
  2. Reflect on your experiences abroad, coursework, co-curricular and service activities. What are the “linear themes” you have learned that connect these opportunities? How have they helped you understand the interconnectedness of the world and global affairs? Provide examples.
  3. What were your perceptions about cultural values and norms in other countries before you began your international experiences? How do they compare to your own culture and U.S. culture? How have they changed your feelings and behavior in situations with people from other cultures? Include specific examples.
  4. Why do you think it is important for students to “internationalize” their studies and everyday lives? How will you continue to do so in the future?
  5. How have the experiences and insights you have gained changed the way you see your own role in this global society?

Project Requirements
The project must address each question above and may consist of a paper (5-10 pages), PowerPoint or Prezi, video (7-10 minutes), website, physical display (like an academic poster), or combination of media. Any presentation (20-30 minutes) or media display must include notes and written talking points along with the project for grading for any projects that are submitted in any format other than a paper. Presentations or displays should also include captions for all photos.

Mentor Selection
Students should identify a mentor at least 3-4 months prior to their intended graduation date (see final project timeline). Students are required to contact the possible mentor first to see if they are available to serve as their mentor. Once identified, students must identify their mentor in the GPC online tracking system (login information above). Students may work with any approved member of NC State’s faculty or teaching staff to serve as a mentor for the final project. The GPC mentor will be the students’ contact for advice, guidance, and assessment of the final project. If students have identified a possible mentor who is not currently approved (see current GPC List of Mentors), those faculty should sign up to become a GPC Faculty Mentor.

Project Proposal
Students must prepare a final project proposal and present it to their chosen GPC mentor for approval at least two months prior to graduation. Students should outline how they have met each of the requirements, share some of the things they’ve learned from those experiences, and identify possible themes connecting those experiences. The mentor will discuss possible project ideas and identify areas where the student should elaborate and further reflect on the questions posed above.

Submission and Public Presentation
The mentor makes the final recommendation to the GPC Advisory Board for overall certificate approval. After approval by the mentor, final projects must be made available to the wider community in some way, such as being presented on campus (classes, residence hall/student organizations, the study abroad fair, or other special events). A final copy of the final project must be submitted to the GPC Coordinator at

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